Direct Marketing: Benefits & Strategy

What's Direct Marketing All About?

Direct marketing, a form of advertising that reaches its audience without using traditional, formal channels of advertising such as TV, newspapers, or radio, is about you, your clients, and your clients' clients. Whether you're selling widgets, raising money for your upcoming program or ministry, trying to get recognized, or looking for new members to join your group, association, or church, your success depends on your ability to communicate your message directly to your constituents.

Direct Marketing: Advertising that Reaches its audience

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Direct marketing — whether mailed or emailed — is predominantly used by small-to-medium-size enterprises with limited advertising budgets and lacking a well-recognized brand message. Executed well, a direct advertising campaign can offer a positive return on investment because its message isn't hidden by complicated branding. Instead, direct marketing is advertising, straight to the point, offering a product, service, or event while explaining how to obtain it, use it, or take part in it.

Warren Camp Design can help you outperform your competition by communicating effectively and directly to your buyers, donors, voters, congregants, supporters, and up-and-coming members — communicating in language that resonates with them in their preferred medium, whether it's direct marketing by mail, postcard, newsletter, poster, flier, magazine ad, door hanger, business card, or digital marketing using email broadcasts or Twitter or another social network medium.

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Benefits of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is attractive to many marketers because in most cases its positive effects can be measured directly. For example, if a marketer sends out 1,000 solicitations by mail or email, and 100 people respond to the promotion, the marketer can say with confidence that the campaign led to a 10-percent direct response. By comparison, measurement of other media is often made indirectly since there's no direct response from a consumer.

The Internet has made it easier for marketing managers to measure campaign results. WCD designs and develops detailed page counters that calculate, among many other criteria, the number of unique "hits" or new visits on a dedicated website landing page relating directly to promotional material. A campaign's effectiveness can be measured by dividing the number of promotional e-messages distributed by the number of "hits" (responses to the unique web page); the higher the percentage of hits, the better the effectiveness.

When it comes to direct marketing solutions — whether printed or electronicWarren Camp Design is an effective marketer. Why? Because WCD innovates; it doesn't follow. Marketing today is different than it was five years ago. What worked last week might not work next week. When you partner with a qualified marketing consultant, you'll have the edge when communicating to the masses. Warren Camp creates and implements new and effective ways for customers like you to successfully target, then deliver, your marketing messages, using methodologies and technologies he'll make available to you.

Help with your Next direct marketing campaign

Whether you're prospecting to establish new business relationships or renew existing ones, WCD can improve your results. Beyond creating or rebuilding your online presence or organization's branding, Warren can help you plan, lay out, design, write, program, track, and implement your upcoming direct marketing campaign.

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Whether it's a marketing plan, an advertising strategy, a direct mail or digital marketing campaign, or online advertising promotions, Warren Camp can help you market your products, services, or yourself better. He can also save you time, money, and frustration by tracking your previous and proposed promotional efforts, helping you understand what it will take to get and keep your business booming.

Working closely with you, Warren can create customized promotional projects that are targeted, effective, and affordable.

With a bachelor's degree in business administration (major in marketing and promotion), and having spent 18 years as a desktop publisher and author, and another 10 years as the technical consultant for an ABC-TV television program about home remodeling, Warren has the education, experience, design skills, marketing know-how, and technical expertise to see that his clients get the most out of their next direct marketing campaign.