Effective Print Design when Marketing with Postcards

Make your next print promotion successful and accountable

This black-and-white old timer was postmarked "Lee, Mass., November 7, 1905." Postage cost a penny.

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Postcards  There's no doubt that today digital marketing, Web advertising, email, and other high-tech marketing methods aren't the only ways to market yourself or your product. Multitudes of entrepreneurs seek low-cost, easy-to-implement sales tools. However, they're not focusing on the print medium.

For “tech-less” marketing, old-fashioned display postcards are a great option. Purposeful little postcards pack a powerful marketing punch, especially for many start-up and small businesses. Successfully designed postcards announce and invite.

Even technology companies love postcard marketing. For example, Intuit, which makes accounting software, recommends postcard marketing to its accounting firm clients for three reasons.

• It’s easier to read a postcard at a glance than to open an envelope.
• Postcards are less intrusive than email and have less competition these days.
• Unlike email, postcards can take on any combination of size, color, gloss, graphic, or message.

Marketing methods don’t have to be high-tech or expensive to be effective. For many start-up ventures, a simple, cost-effective, direct-mail postcard-marketing campaign works best to kick-start leads and sales. Check out the following Warren Camp Design postcards, including Warren's first postcard from 1977.

Invitation Postcards

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National Day of Prayer Invitation

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Patriot Day — 9/11 Memorial Invitation

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