Double-Sided Business Cards

Custom Double-Sided Business Cards Leave a lasting impression

On a neutral gradient background, Warren presents both sides of this custom business card that he created for a store manager in San Francisco. Two font families were used: Perpetua Titling MT and Poor Richard.

(You can see [a href="" target="_blank"]on this page[/a] how Warren presented this card to his client in a stylish box.)

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Double-Sided Business Cards are now more common than single-sided cards. Many have found that "one side only" doesn't provide enough space for the essential information that they feel they need to include. (Single-sided designs are still popular. See a collection of Warren's designs in Portfolio #1.)

It can often be more effective to have a double-sided card; your company information goes on one side while your personal information and title go on the other. With double the space, you have double the potential to attract attention and connect with people. Get great ideas from all three portfolios!

Want to eliminate the printing cost? Business cards can be printed with a good-quality digital copier, which bakes toner on the card's surface. Try printing your own business cards before having them printed by others.

Business Cards Portfolio #2 — Double-Sided

all made from Warren's Custom Templates

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