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Make your next printed promotion successful and accountable

Print design is still one of the most common forms of direct marketing. Brochures, fliers, posters, letters, postcards, mail-order catalogs, business cards, résumés, newsletters, announcements, package inserts, door-to-door leaflets, invitations, promotions, and door hangers all serve one simple purpose: communicating the features and benefits of your service or product to a target audience, with the hope of getting your audience to take a desired action.

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Print vs. Electronic  Paper continues to be one of the most visible and enduring media for communication today. Even though many people prefer to surf the Net or watch television to find service and product providers, an incalculable number of people still choose paper over electronic (or digital) media. That's why Warren Camp Design offers graphic design services for both media: print and electronic. Printed publications look and feel different from electronic publications. However, whether used singly or jointly, print and digital publications can help you add visibility and prominence to your business, church, or organization while promoting your brand.

Regardless of the economy and the popularity of the Internet, print advertising provides an alternative approach and even a competitive advantage. Many people prefer reading things on paper rather than digging around on the Net. And there's no avoiding the fact that the credibility of print media is much higher than that of electronic media.

Warren Camp has extensive experience in designing and executing print advertising and marketing publications. Click the accompanying print design image to enlarge it and read its caption; click to reduce its size. To see more of Warren's recent print productions, click the print publication links in the left column.

Exceptional graphic design combined with quality printing is essential to a smart marketing plan. You'll want the graphic design firm you hire to design outstanding promotional publications that can help you stand out in a crowd.

Your next print publication must excite the senses of your audience. This means using high-quality materials, such as innovative paper, attractive high-quality inks, and special coatings. Quality materials are essential to making a printed piece stunning and powerful, leaving a lasting impression, and inspiring an audience to take action.


In creating custom printed productions, Warren works closely with the client, collaboratively engaging in direct marketing that's targeted, effective, and affordable. He makes it his business to learn about your business so all elements and objectives are accounted for and reflected in your finished graphic design and printing.

Majoring in marketing and promotion, with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (City College, New York), and serving as editor and publisher of a San Francisco newsletter (All-Points Bulletin) for 10 years, Warren has the knowledge, experience, design skills, marketing know-how, and technical expertise to see that his clients get the most out of their next direct marketing campaign.

Warren hopes you'll find WCD to be a good fit for your upcoming print design project. He looks forward to helping you engage your clients, customers, congregants, and prospects with a cohesive brand, appealing visuals, user-focused functionality, and effective design strategies.

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Working closely with the client, Warren Camp actively engages in direct marketing, while creating customized promotional projects that are targeted, effective, and affordable. Warren has the knowledge, experience, design skills, marketing know-how, and technical expertise to see that his clients get the most out of their next direct marketing campaign. Contact Warren to see what he and WCD can offer you.