Publishing Digital (Electronic) Photo Slideshows

Present Your Message Digitally Using Slideshows or Photo Galleries

Display Information Attractively and Interactively  A slideshow or photo gallery is an excellent way to present a message in an organized, compact manner, using a series of projected photographic slides. Your digital slideshow can be an attention-getting, easy-to-use Internet resource that allows users to do a number of things.

What to Include in Your Slideshow  Warren Camp includes the following elements in most of the digital slideshows and photo galleries he creates.

  • Thumbnails, Numbers, Buttons  Thumbnail photos give users a sense of where they are in a slideshow; they allow for easy navigation and convenience in finding a desired slide. Highlighting slides with numbers enables quick navigation; directional buttons make viewing convenient.
  • Option to Play Automatically or Manually  Slideshows work in two ways: automatically or manually. Ideally, provide both options. Warren prefers to have most slideshows start automatically, but allow users to click buttons to view slides at an individual pace, especially when slides have captions.
  • Slide Transitions  How a slideshow advances from slide to slide is probably more important than you think. An instant slide transfer can appear abrupt, while gradual fade-out and fade-in transitions are easy on the eyes.
  • Content  Whether you include photos, charts, tables, lists, paragraphs, and so on, be sure to use high-quality slides.
  • Color Theme, Border, Frame  A black-text-on-white-background format gets the job done. But placing your slides on a colored background accompanied by complementary graphics and icons can give your slideshow an attractive and memorable theme while accentuating its contents. Consider adding borders or frames to your slides.

Slideshows and photo galleries provide opportunities to back up cherished photos while preserving your photographic memories. See the following examples of WCD slideshows.

Slideshows and Photo Galleries

•  Click the thumbnail images to see the entire slideshow or gallery.

Click to view slideshow.

California Wildlife (93 images)

Photos have descriptive captions and custom frames. Top menu bar buttons allow users to choose from five albums.

Click to view slideshow.

Remembering a Good Friend

Presented without captions on a custom background; transitions fade automatically. Includes background audio.

Click to view slideshow.

Summer Picnic

A simple slideshow with large photos, download capability, and a solid-color background advances automatically.

Click to view slideshow.

Kenya Photography Safari

Quality photos include captions. Instructions inform viewers how to watch automatically or by clicking.

Click to view slideshow.

Three Family Slideshows in One

Using a black background for contrast, Warren placed photos in consecutive order to highlight his cousin's life.

Click to view slideshow.

Vacationing Onboard a Cruise Ship

When clicked, thumbnails zoom to full size and reveal descriptive captions; click again to reduce them.

Click to view slideshow.

Simplest of Album Slideshows

This slideshow of seven photos has been made using the "responsive" design. It's easy to view on all devices, no matter their size.

Click to view slideshow.

Special Sunday School Class

Color-coordinated arrow buttons enable users to advance slides after reading captions. Also includes a handy Help menu.

Click to view slideshow.

Walking Tour of Victoria, Canada

Styled to highlight photo quality, this slideshow combines mini-thumbnails with huge photos and captions on a dark background.

Click to view slideshow.

Touring Ketchikan, Alaska

Users click thumbnails to advance slides after reading captions. They can choose among three albums and click to download photos.

Click to view slideshow.

Scripture-based Devotion

Starts with an intro page and includes graphic images, a video, on-click Scripture passages, and more.

Click to view slideshow.

African Wildlife

Listen to audio as you enjoy beautiful images of wild African animals, up close, shot by wildlife photographer and missionary, Andrew Fisher.

Click to view slideshow.

A Church's Opening Web Page

This simple, automatic four-slide opening slideshow with cross-fade transitions invites viewers to enter the classroom of a church's adult Sunday school to study.

Click to view slideshow.

Disney World Adventure (180+ slides)

A detailed album that displays jumbo photos, graphic images, captions, and large directional buttons to change slides, show or hide thumbnails, or start an automated slideshow.

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