Publishing Digital (Electronic) Prayer Request Emails

Communicate Your Care and Prayer Support . . . Digitally

Email Your Prayer Requests  There's no reason not to share prayer requests with supporters electronically. Aside from the usual Internet guidelines — being careful about identifying people's names and contact information and emailing requests that come directly from those asking for prayer — digital prayer requests are a fast and effective way to communicate one's timely and personal wishes.

Warren has been e-broadcasting prayer requests for years; friends and congregants appreciate receiving current prayer requests so they can promptly lift up people in prayer. See the following recent examples of Warren's prayer e-requests.

Digital Prayer Requests

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Prayer for a couple's health

New year

A graceful and godly wedding

Prayer warrior appeal from
Africa Inland Mission (AIM)

Work commitment request
by church stewardship team

Campus Crusade for Christ missionary family's prayer requests

Heart failure


Brain cancer


Heart rhythm

Safe travels

Mother's healing

Answered prayers

Brain tumor

Sandy Hook Elementary School

A son's suicide

Military safety

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