Publishing Digital (Electronic) Newsletters

Newsletters Communicate, Promote, and Market . . . Digitally

Do It with Digital Newsletters  Newsletters are a fantastic way to reach out to current and potential customers by offering relevant news and events about your industry or organization. While this WCD page compares print with digital newsletters, it covers digital newsletters; see Warren's pro-and-con discussion and examples of print newsletters.

E-newsletters can contain informative articles and resources, opportunities, and advertisements while helping you connect with new or existing customers. Your e-newsletter will need one or more writers, a designer, and a list of email addresses.

Comparing the Two Types  Print newsletters have more influence but can only be sent periodically. They're more expensive to produce, tend to generate a better response rate, and are portable, meaning they're more likely to make it to the "reading room." E-newsletters are cheaper to send and can be sent every day but are easy to ignore and tend to generate a lower response rate. When done right, both types provide a good overall return on investment.

So Which Is Better?  For most companies, churches, or organizations, the answer is both. Because each delivery medium has unique virtues, it's a good idea to take advantage of print and e-newsletters by using them in tandem. Using both types builds powerful brand recognition. Your daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly e-newsletters supplement your periodic print newsletters, which in turn lend credibility to your e-newsletters by letting recipients know there's a real, grounded company behind them.

Digital newsletters are one of the most powerful ways to build lasting relationships with your customers. See the following examples of WCD e-newsletters.

Digital Newsletters

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Church Missions Committee

To help promote a year-end fund-raising effort for two local missions of Warren's church, he put a variety of elements on the missions committee's one-page e-letter: a header with a large and small photo and a logo; a body with three columns of text, a curved and shadowed text graphic, and a bulleted list; and a footer with a thumbnail photo and custom graphic.

Emailed to more than a hundred Chapel in the Pines members and congregants, the newsletter helped the Christmas 2011 fundraiser — called The Missions Giving Tree — collect $1,400.

You can find out more about Chapel in the Pines on this page.

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Ministry to South African Children

Combining a collection of photos and captions, Warren created an easy-to-read e-newsletter highlighting and promoting a South African missionary organization's several announcements, newscasts, updates, and expressions of thanks.

Warren put three months of information on four pages. He converted Light Providers e-letter issues to Adobe PDF files, which the organization emails to its database of supporters, staff, and constituents. Aside from looking crisp, the converted PDF files provide hyperlinks that open related pages or sites and enable a convenient method of emailing.

You can find out more about Light Providers' founder in each newsletter issue.

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Missionary Family with Campus Crusade for Christ

Based in Redlands, California, the Fisher missionary family — two parents and three children — provides to its supporters a monthly two-page e-letter. Each page has a link to its home page.

Warren designed the front page to include attractive header and footer sections to bracket each month's headline story.

At the top of page 2, the month's feature web pages are introduced by a thumbnail photo or two and links to those pages. The middle of the page is where readers find current prayer requests and thanksgivings from each of the six family members. At the bottom of the page are links to a financial support web page and email links to update readers' contact data.

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Cultural Tourism Organization

Tour facilitators chose a quarterly, six-page e-newsletter format to present news and offers to current and prospective clients. Warren created an attractive nameplate with a jumbo photo to which he added a slight reflection. He highlights other photos, giving them a stylish drop-shadow effect and captions placed on complementary background colors.

Warren converts every Vuk' Africa issue to a PDF file enabling recipients to click its hyperlinks and open relevant pages and sites.

Newsletter issues allow recipients to find out what a tour of South African culture includes, when it's offered, and how much it costs. See Vuk' Africa's stylish yearly report with charts, graphs, lists, and photos and captions.

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Light Providers Youth Club

Many photos and a lot of information were provided in this issue of a youth club's digital newsletter. Page 1 included the club logo and motto, six mini preview columns, a three-column introduction, and a centered photo.

Page 2 highlighted a large captioned photo, three columns of text, and a bulleted list.

Page 3 featured thumbnail photos that can be enlarged by clicking links to the club's web pages, promotional material, and contact information including an e-reply link.

Links in the emailed PDF file allowed recipients to contact club officers or visit the club's home page with one click.

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AWANA Clubs Children's Ministry

While a five-year leader and director of his church's AWANA Clubs children's ministry, Warren designed, wrote, and published a two-page monthly e-newsletter. The issue shown at the left was emailed as an introductory e-letter to encourage parents to register their kids for the upcoming season. Both pages were filled with descriptions of six age-specific clubs, highlights of the goals and purpose of AWANA Clubs, and more.

Using two and three text columns, a right-hand sidebar, and numerous color photos that Warren edited, the pages are attractive and easy to read.

In subsequent issues, parent subscribers received announcements, awards recognitions, sign-up forms, event calendars, and action photos of their children.

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Annual Report in Digital Newsletter Format

A South African organization asked Warren to convert a large, annual financial report into an attractive, easy-to-read digital newsletter. Its cover features a timely photo set in a shadowed frame set over a subtle background image of a nearby hillside.

The remaining seven pages are filled with news accounts, thumbnail photos and captions, colorful bar graphs and pie charts, shaded headlines, press clippings, headers and footers, and custom bullets for lists.

Links in the emailed PDF file allow recipients to email club officers or visit the organization's website with one click.

here Warren Camp has extensive experience creating high-quality digital greeting cards, invitations, real-estate listings, Bible-study announcements, website launches, prayer requests, newsletters, and more. He enjoys designing and executing digital advertising and marketing pieces. See many of Warren's recent digital design productions in the left column. Or see a number of his print design creations.