Publishing Digital (Electronic) Invitation E-Messages

Considering Sending Event Invitations Digitally?

Online invitations have their place  They're not suitable for every occasion; a lot depends on the type of event. Sending casual email invitation posters for formal birthday, anniversary, and wedding celebrations, for example, can make recipients feel less special or important, especially if the invitation is e-broadcast to a group of recipients. The personal touch is lost. Recipients might feel that little effort went into the invitation and event. Use printed invitations for formal, personal occasions; rely on digital invitations for casual events.

Custom digital invitations work perfectly when promoting a more informal event or get-together. They're also great when organizing an event on short notice and you don't have enough time to mail invitations.

Instead of sending a vanilla, text-only e-invitation, add a stylish custom graphic or two to draw attention to an upcoming event. The following WCD examples show a variety of events suitable for e-invitations.

Emailed Invitations

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Pet adoption opportunity

National Day of Prayer 2018

Birth announcement

Community blood drive

Advent celebration

Surprise anniversary reception

Family fishing trip

Kitchen design seminar

Prayer team invitation

Box lunches

Website proposal

Missionary support

Baptism celebration

Fund-raising event

Needed transportation

Two new Bible studies

Super Bowl Sunday worship

Genesis Bible study

Global Day of Prayer

Ice cream and coffee bar event

Architects event

Website launch teaser

Home remodeling seminar

Stewardship sermon invitation

Advent celebration

Dessert potluck event

Drive to the city needed

Gala interior designer event

Lenten prayer day

Missionary dinner invitation

Vacation Bible school invite

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