Publishing Digital (Electronic) Greeting Cards

Send Your Next Greeting Card Digitally!

Online greeting cards, or e-cards, are popular. Suitable for every occasion, emailed cards can express your personal message while reaching recipients much more quickly than snail-mailed cards. Choose a simple greeting e-card or a complex e-card with links to videos and supplemental web pages; there's no limit to what you can include in your e-card.

When it's time to send your next greeting card, instead of shopping at the store for an appropriate card that can take a few days to reach its recipient, switch to an e-card. Warren will be happy to help you create your first e-card. Whether for your honey, parents, child, friend, boss, neighbor, or pastor — he'll create an e-card of your choice and send it to you; when it arrives, simply address and email it to that special person. Choose an e-card type (shown on the two e-card pages linked below) and discuss the details with Warren.

The following examples show a variety of birthday and anniversary e-cards Warren created and emailed to friends. See his assortment of miscellaneous e-cards on the next page.

Birthday E-Cards — Humorous

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Birthday longevity (for women)

Birthday spanking (for men)

Three quarters of a century

Maturity (for men)

Birthday E-Cards — Food-Related

Chocolate cake, decorative flower

Cake, icing, and candles

Birthday: chocolate fudge layer cake

Birthday E-Cards — Assorted

Age-related: 65

Proverbial friendship

Age-related: 66

The Lord celebrates you

Birthday reflection

Floral wreath

Hand-drawn and -colored

Anniversary E-Cards — Assorted

Celebrating togetherness

Watercolor expression

Thirtieth anniversary

Missionary's ten years

Mountain snowfall with music

Fiftieth anniversary

Birthday and Anniversary E-Cards  |  Also See Miscellaneous E-Cards

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Warren Camp has extensive experience creating high-quality digital greeting cards, invitations, real-estate listings, Bible-study announcements, website launches, prayer requests, newsletters, and more. He enjoys designing and executing digital advertising and marketing pieces. See many of Warren's recent digital design productions in the left column. Or see a number of his print design creations.