Digital (Electronic) Publishing in the New World

Communicate, Promote, and Market . . . Digitally

Digital Design vs. Print Design  Basically, print publishing (highlighted on this page) presents information using printed media, such as books, catalogues, brochures, magazines, newspapers, postcards, newsletters, fliers, posters, and the like. In contrast, digital or electronic publishing transmits the same information over digital or electronic media or networks, such as the Internet, television, video, and radio. You, the client, determine the appropriate media to use for your campaign.

Warren Camp Design is a web design service producing high-quality digital graphic design at small-business prices. Once the digital graphic design project has been completed, Warren can help you with the next important step: marketing the new design (as you'll see on this direct marketing page).

WCD's core business is custom design paired with construction, which consists of content, digital graphics, and optimized search engine placement for digital products. Other design services (for digital and print media alike) include imaging and content management for business branding, labels, logos, advertising, newsletters, letterheads, business cards, fliers, résumés, real estate listings, and more. See examples of WCD's many digital creations in the left column.

Thumbnail of a WCD web page that Warren designed and developed for the study of Romans chapter 12

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Warren has learned that designing and developing digital creations that yield high value and meet client goals and expectations requires an understanding of and familiarity with "the electronic canvas." Knowing the profound differences between the electronic screen and fixed print media is essential in order to create designs that work for everyone, everywhere, today and tomorrow.

Warren aims to build warm and trusting relationships with his clients. When a client approaches Warren to discuss a digital design project, he sets up a confidential meeting or two in person, on the phone, or over the Internet. He begins by putting the client's ideas, needs, desires, budget, expectations, and more on paper, then walking her or him through the likely phases of development, from concepting to production.

Dedicated to producing digital design of the highest quality using the latest technology, Warren can help you appreciate the time and cost needed to develop and test a new digital creation. He can draw on his expertise to help you realize and manage costs while optimizing your project's scheduling.

Warren Camp has extensive experience in designing and executing electronic advertising and marketing pieces. Click the digital design image above to enlarge it; click again to reduce its size.

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  • Promotion  To see how he and you can publish and promote your new graphic design project to the masses, open the direct marketing page.

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see the collection of WCD digital design projects in the left column.

Working closely with the client, Warren Camp actively engages in direct marketing, while creating customized promotional projects that are targeted, effective, and affordable. Warren has the knowledge, experience, design skills, marketing know-how, and technical expertise to see that his clients get the most out of their next direct marketing campaign. Contact Warren to see what he and WCD can offer you.