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Our club's hope is that all children and youth, throughout the world,
will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ through His Gospel.

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Are AWANA Clubs?

The answer to this far-reaching question may surprise you. Many people think AWANA is just a U.S. ministry. Far from it!
     AWANA Clubs International (ACI) is in force in 15,925 worldwide churches in 109 countries. That's right: in more than a hundred churches and nearly 16,000 churches around the world.
     Of the 16,000 or so churches that conduct the AWANA program throughout the world, 12,000 programs are in America. The nearly 4,000 foreign clubs are active in six continents.
     ACI's Ministry Countries page lists every nation where Awana operates (except those with security concerns) along with the latest club count for each nation. AWANA also has clubs on U.S. military bases in nine countries outside of America.
     But before you visit either page, can you guess which foreign country has the most AWANA Clubs programs — more than 400 — in action? Hint: The country having the second highest number of AWANA programs is Canada.
     Did you guess correctly? Hope so. Nevertheless, around the world, ACI is making a global impact today. You’ll be amazed how God is using AWANA Clubs worldwide in countries as diverse as the UK and Uganda, and Papua New Guinea and Venezuela.
     Today, participants in the AWANA ministry, know that one of the best ways to reach a community and families with the Gospel is through children. Tomorrow's political leaders, pastors, and missionaries are among today's children. Impact the life of a child for Christ, and you will impact future generations for eternity!
     God has called us to "Go into all the world, and preach the gospel." Here is your opportunity to contribute to ACI and reap eternal rewards in the lives of children around the world.

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