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Our club's hope is that all children and youth, throughout the world,
will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ through His Gospel.

Large-Group Time features a message, awards, songs, and lots more

While AWANA is well known for games and a focus on memorizing Scripture, it also provides a unique opportunity to lead children in worship and instruct them in biblical truth. This may be the only such experience some children have each week! These precious times of “rightly dividing the word of truth” enable and motivate AWANA leadership to plan and prepare diligently. Whether a child or parent, see all the things clubbers enjoy during Chapel AWANA Clubs' popular Large-Group Time:

bullet  Directors carefully plan Large-Group Time activities and delegate assignments to leaders.

bullet  Leaders sit with their clubbers during Large-Group Time and encourage them to participate appropriately.

bullet  A systematic Large-Group Time teaching plan is designed and applied, with messages clearly based on Scripture passages.

bullet  Large-Group Time teaching is appropriate for the age of the clubbers, both in content and in length.

bullet  The message is presented in a creative and varied manner that speaks to both the unsaved clubber and the young Christian.

bullet  Worship through songs, personal testimony, and group prayer is taught and practiced.

bullet  Announcements inform clubbers and motivate them to participate in upcoming club activities and church events.

bullet  Club leadership stimulates a missionary vision through Large-Group Time activities and presentations.

bullet  Earned awards are presented as soon as possible and displayed on clubber uniforms correctly.

Council Time for Sparks

Cubbies at Worship

A Sampling of Large-Group Time Activities

To see clubbers learning a scriptural message, receiving awards, worshiping the Lord, or performing a skit during Large-Group Time, click the Slideshows & Photos link on your left. On the bottom of that page, select a club name and you'll soon see how vital Large-Group Time is for our clubbers, leaders in training, and leaders.

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