at Chapel in the Pines, Arnold, California

Our club's hope is that all children and youth, throughout the world,
will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ through His Gospel.

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AWANA Clubs of Chapel in the Pines continues to be an effective local Christian youth ministry. This past 2005–2006 season, 130 children have registered — the most ever!

But the ideal clubber-to-leader ratio of 2 or even 3 to 1 has sometimes reached a disappointing 5-to-1 ratio, causing a challenge for our leadership. With more children than ever graduating to other clubs, while new children respond to our recruitment campaign, it's obvious that more leaders are needed today — many more.

Please take a careful look below at our clubs' needs. Then imagine yourself playing one of those roles. Our sincere hope is that, since you've read this far, you know you want to make a commitment to help reach children and their families with the Gospel of Christ.

Start by praying that the Lord will help us reach an ideal clubber-to-leader ratio. Then contact the club commander to volunteer in one or two of the following capacities:

button  Be a "verse listener" at one of our clubs. (So easy!)

button  Become a girls' or boys' leader or secretary.

button  Drive clubbers to club events and conferences.

button  Act as a special events chaperone.

button  Help prepare meals for our older clubbers.

button  Prepare baked goods for our youngest clubbers.

button  Be a still photographer or videographer.

button  Direct and coordinate Game Time for 40 minutes on Wednesdays.

button  Design, create, and print letters, fliers, and posters.

button  Relocate chairs and lay down the canvas game square every Wednesday.

button  Provide musical talent as a singer or musician.

button  Mail in a Chapel AWANA Clubs donation payable to Chapel in the Pines. You can also contribute to AWANA Clubs International, designating your contribution to Adopt-A-Club.

button  Collect and redeem bags of aluminum cans and plastic bottles to help support foreign AWANA Clubs we adopt.

button  Join adult leaders at practice sessions for Bible Quiz, Grand Prix Races, AWANA Games, and other big events.

button  Order and distribute supplies (uniforms, handbooks, badges, game equipment, awards, and so on) from AWANA Clubs International.

button  Manage the purchase and sale of cool items clubbers want to buy at our store.

button  Keep weekly records of attendance and clubber achievements.

button  If you're a clubber's parent, help your child practice verse memorization and recitation at home regularly.

"You may give without loving
but you can't love without giving."

 Please help us help children. Contact Commander _____ _____ to learn more about serving in this outstanding children's ministry.

Approved    Workmen    Are    Not    Ashamed
2 Timothy 2:15


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