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Our club's hope is that all children and youth, throughout the world,
will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ through His Gospel.

Handbook Time Can Be "The Most Important Time"

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Handbook Time Really Is an Important time

Because Scripture memorization is a distinctive element of the AWANA ministry, and because we feel that it's essential for clubbers to see the benefits of Scripture memorization firsthand, we encourage memorization, understanding, and application of Scripture.

During Handbook Time, children in AWANA memorize God’s Word so they can learn to understand and apply it in their everyday lives. Our focus on memorization, set in a positive and encouraging context, also plants the seeds of this essential discipline that many clubbers carry forward into adulthood.

Here at Chapel in the Pines, AWANA Clubs seeks to achieve excellence by ensuring that:

bullet  Club leaders always have their Bibles with them and encourage clubbers to bring theirs with them to every meeting.

bullet  Bibles are used regularly during Handbook Time and Large-Group Time.

bullet  Leaders help clubbers establish personal goals in order to complete their handbooks.

bullet  Clubbers display an understanding of the verses and biblical truths they've learned.

bullet  Leaders encourage clubbers to apply what they've learned in club to their lives.

bullet  There are enough leaders and listeners to attend to all clubbers.

bullet  Leaders spend time with all clubbers as they work with their handbooks.

bullet  Awards and a point system are used to give special emphasis to handbook sections completed each week.

bullet  Additional Scripture challenges are provided for highly motivated clubbers.

bullet  Leaders and leaders in training are encouraged and motivated to set an example by completing the same handbooks that clubbers work with.

Sparkies at Handbook Time   A T&T Leader Helping a Boy with a Verse

A Sampling of Handbook Time Activities

To see clubbers learning, memorizing, and reciting Scripture during Handbook Time, click the Slideshows & Photos link on your left. On the bottom of that page, select a club name and you'll soon see how much our clubbers and leaders get out of Handbook Time.

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