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Our club's hope is that all children and youth, throughout the world,
will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ through His Gospel.

Hey kids: "It's Game Time!"

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Ask children what they like about AWANA, and chances are you'll hear one answer: “The games!” There’s a reason for that. AWANA games are as fun as they are unique, and, along with creative theme-based activities, they keep children coming back to hear the gospel and learn Scripture.

The youngest of the Chapel's clubbers, the Cubbies, don't take part in physical games. Instead they sometimes nap or sing songs together.

But clubbers in our five other clubs love this enjoyable meeting segment because:

bullet  The club year includes a variety of creative, well-planned activities.

bullet  Club leadership promotes special activities in advance to build anticipation.

bullet  An exciting and fun point system motivates clubbers.

bullet  Game Time is exciting and beneficial for all clubbers, no matter their physical attributes.

bullet  The game leader uses a variety of games, directs the flow of each game, and enforces discipline consistently.

bullet  Team leaders are familiar with the games, help keep order, encourage clubbers, and assist the game leader.

bullet  Clubbers are motivated and encouraged by team spirit, challenging their color teams (the Reds, Blues, Greens, and Yellows) to compete while playing fairly and by the rules.

Sparks, Truth & Training, Junior Varsity, and Journey 24/7 clubbers are always looking forward to Game Time. It's their chance to let go of whatever they're holding onto and enjoy sharing a physical release with their friends.

JV Clubbers Hitting a Balloon

T&T Boys Compete

A Sampling of Game Time Activities

To see clubbers in the five older clubs enjoying all that Game Time offers them, click the Slideshows & Photos link on your left. On the bottom of that page, select a club name and you'll soon see why all our clubbers love Game Time.

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