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AWANA Is a Lot of Fun

There's something about AWANA Clubs at Chapel in the Pines that makes kids like you come back for more.

AWANA teaches you that God is real, that He loves you very much, and that He shows this love through Jesus Christ, who wants to be your very best friend.

And because God can easily become your very best friend, you'll also learn how He can help you every day. Lessons from the Bible show you how to know and honor God today.

If you're not yet Cubbie Smilingan AWANA clubber, you and your parents are invited to attend a meeting or two to see for yourself why so many children your age love AWANA Clubs. Ask your mom or dad to contact the club commander to set up your first visit. Call _____ _____.

Right now, how would you like to see us in action? Click on each of the three club time periods (shown below in bold blue) to see some of the many things you can do during Game Time, Handbook Time, and Large-Group Time.

You should also click the Slideshows & Photos link on the left, as well as any of the headlines on the right to find out about a lot of cool things to see and do at AWANA.

Game Time  On a huge AWANA game square in the Chapel, you'll enjoy playing numerous games that are a lot of fun.

Handbook Time  To make it easy to learn how important your Bible can be to you, trained leaders help you understand, memorize, and recite Bible verses. They'll show you how to know God and live as He wants you to live.

Large-Group Time  Every meeting, in a large group of clubbers your age, you might see a movie, act in a skit, sing songs, watch a computer presentation, receive an award, and learn a practical Bible message.

Give AWANA Clubs a try. You'll enjoy it.

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