Welcome aboard, family and friends:

I'm happy to announce that, after a few months of collecting and editing numerous photos from an Alaska cruise that eight of us went on together, I've completed a Web site highlighting much of our adventure.
Our group of eight was made up of Rosanne and me, Deborah and Al (Rosanne's brother), and good friends Joanne and Murray and Connie (Joanne's sister) and Denis. We flew to Seattle from where our seven-day cruise, on Celebrity's Infinity, began and ended.
On our site you'll find (and hopefully enjoy) photos taken on the ship and in each port, three videos of active glacial calving, and descriptive accounts of our group's discoveries. I've also added an exquisite, mouth-watering, dinner menu highlighting, among a number of other treats, our great lobster dinner with "Baked Alaska" as the dessert.

We stopped at and visited these ports:

We shared a most wonderful cruise, planning to cruise to the Panama Canal next year.
I hope you enjoy much of what we experienced together on our Alaska 2009 Cruise's Web site.

From the eight of us,