A Dinner Menu of Culinary Delights

The chef's presentations, wine cellar offerings, and more. Sample dinner menu with Rock Lobster Tail

Food service is obviously a major attraction in cruising. Because Celebrity's Infinity was new to all eight of us, we were pleased to have been offered a few excellent dining alternatives. We chose to eat together each evening in the ship's grand, two-deck restaurant, The Trellis. However, another dining option was the Oceanview Restaurant, a large buffet-style facility located on an upper deck.
We were glad to have been assigned our own table in The Trellis, where the eight of us unanimously agreed that our table servers, Savio (left) and Miljan show their delight as they bring us our special dessert:"Baked Alaska."
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Savio the head waiter and Miljan the assistant
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Dinner menu selection changed every evening, although classic dinner favorites, shown on the bottom of This half of the menu highlights the executive chef's presentations, along with wine cellar offerings,
a selection of classic dinner favorites, and more.
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this elegant menu
, were offered at every meal. Five-course meals were easy to get used to. The first night, Warren ordered a small dish that he'd enjoyed on previous cruises: a selection of imported and domestic cheeses, served with complementary crackers and fruit. Night after night, the other seven caught on and many routinely ordered that plate without fail.
Always tantalizing was each evening's selection of appetizers — so much so that a few of us ordered two, even three appetizers, either with or in lieu of the entrée. A few standout appetizers were: crab cakes with chutney; escargots; roasted eggplant; prosciutto ham and melon; and salmon gravlax.
Soups and salads were quite good. But full attention would always be given to our wonderful head waiter from India, Savio, who described each evening's special entrées, always suggesting his preference. Why not take a peek at these entrées and different courses, offered other evenings in The Trellis.

Deserving special note were the main entrées. As we departed Victoria, the chef offered us the ultimate selection of main courses, as you'll see listed in the middle of Each evening's menu included a number of surprises from which we all enjoyed choosing.
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our elegant menu's right-hand side
. The "Rock Lobster Tail Mélange" was our table's popular choice.
Deserts served in both the Trellis and at the Oceanview Restaurant were all uniformly outstanding. They covered a wide selection, including both hot and room-temperature pastries, custards, cookies, cakes, and pies. High-quality ice cream available (on occasion) in the Oceanview Restaurant was also a real treat. Do you think you'd have enjoyed It can't be difficult imagining how much you'd enjoy this sweet Infinity treat.
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this ice cream and cake dessert


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