Sample Daily Bulletins

Sample daily bulletin of activities, excursions, and events

Each night aboard ship, when we returned to our room, we found delicious chocolates on our pillows and the daily bulletin highlighting numerous events, excursions, and activities would be in store for everyone, on ship and on land, the following day and evening.

As an example, take a peak at the daily activities bulletin for Juneau<<click to open and close the bulletin]. Aside from port information, the bottom-most announcement caught our attention: Scheduled that night was the popular "Desserts Gala" that would attract hundreds of photographers in addition to a few others with a sweet tooth.

Interestingly, although we couldn't believe the warm weather we were experiencing in "cold Alaska," the left-column's weather forecast was right on the nose. It was at least 81° in Juneau when we toured the beautiful city.

To see what locations in Victoria, Canada, we could choose to visit, peek at the daily activities bulletin for Victoria.


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