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  • Murray, Connie, and Denis pose, moments before departure.

Seattle's Space Needle looms in the background.
  • We're itching to depart the port of Seattle.
  • "Hey! Let's get this Alaska cruise for eight started!" yells Connie from her veranda.
  • It's Friday, July 3, 2009, 80º F.

The ship's horn bellows for all to hear.

Celebrity Cruise Line's "Infinity" is now under way.
  • Connie and Denis shoot a few landscape photos of Seattle's departing skyline.
  • Rare view: Infinity's empty Observation Deck.

Soon, luggage will have been stored in rooms and passengers will begin to "man the deck."
  • What an attractive panorama!
  • Seattle and "the states" behind us. . .
Canada, then Alaska, ahead of us . . . .
  • Here comes Canada!
  • As our ship crossed the Washington-to-British-Columbia border, we seemed to begin a race with a Royal Carribean liner.
  • British Columbia, where trees abound
  • Pacific Northwest's shoreline coves and inlets attracted the eye and the imagination.
  • Well under way, we joined 2,100 other passengers for our first Infinity dining experience together.
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