A Sampling of One Day's Activities, Events, Meals, and so on

Sample daily onboard activities, meetings, meals, and events

As our cruise time together was drawing to a close, it was surprising to learn how many events and activities we hadn't yet participated in that were still scheduled.
For example, our last full day on ship included, among many other things, such activities as a morning trivia contest; last-day shopping for tax-free gifts; a shuffleboard shoot-out; line dancing; jackpot $1,500 bingo; table tennis finals; performance by the guest choir; cha-cha dancing; a final scrapbook creation class; informal bridge play; the game "Are You Smarter than a Fifth-Grader?"; a hole-in-one putting contest (in which our Denis won 2nd place!); chess and Scrabble lovers' get-together; and more.
Inside each daily bulletin we found numerous on-board activities, events, and meal offerings<<click to open/close].

Deborah's favorite meal offeringSpeaking of meal offerings (a.k.a., "24-hour culinary delights"), each of us couldn't get enough of our individual favorites. Warren enjoyed a variety of smoked salmon offerings every day; Rosanne put away There's no doubt about it: Rosanne loves desserts!
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three servings of "cherries jubilee"
one night; Murray couldn't start his days without waffles and a cup of blueberries; Joanne discovered her fave drink: "The Cosmopolitan"; Denis explored a selection of fine wine each dinner; Connie couldn't resist having a few exquisite appetizers, all at the same time, Connie loved this appetizer:
"Seared sea scallops with risotto."
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such as this one
; Al loved drinking his breakfast coffee with sticky buns; and Deborah couldn't wait to indulge in lunchtime's always-popular, hand-made, tortilla chips topped with fresh guacamole.


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