Who Is Warren Camp?  Why Choose Warren Camp Design?

Web designer, developer  •  marketing Consultant  •  graphic designer

Warren Camp  is the creative energy behind Warren Camp Design, now offering a full complement of Internet marketing and design solutions, focusing primarily on Christian endeavors. WCD provides attractive, professional, and affordable web design, web development, web maintenance, graphic design, and e-business consulting. A self-declared e-minister, Warren creates custom websites, e-documents, and print creations that are distinct, interactive, purposeful, and functional.

About Warren

Portrait of Warren Camp

With a bachelor's degree in business administration (major in marketing and promotion), and having spent 18 years as a desktop publisher and author and another 10 years as the technical consultant for an ABC-TV television program about home remodeling, Warren specializes in graphic design, web and print publishing, photo editing, and marketing and consulting. He not only designs and executes high-quality marketing promotions, he offers clients the ability to track, analyze, and measure the performance of their marketing campaign.

Exceptional marketing and promotion is all about accountability, performance, and return on investment. Trust a trained, experienced professional with your next project. Warren is eager to meet you and discuss and evaluate your upcoming project or promotional campaign.

Would you like a professional to design and develop a website for you? Are you searching for a professional consultant to help you market, promote, and advertise your business, organization, church, campaign, or product? Looking for a graphic designer to create one or more attractive documents? Need a photo editor for an upcoming presentation? Want a copyeditor and proofreader to "make it say what it means, and mean what it says"? Talk with Warren.

About WCD

Thumbnail of WCD;s unique 'Door Hangers' web page

What sets WCD apart from other designers and marketers is a successful fusion of disciplines. Warren understands both the creative and technical aspects of website design, digital and print publishing, marketing, and more. His sites, documents, and productions are elegant, informative, and intuitive — an important combination in today's interactive market. See some of his dynamic creations in the left column.

Productive communication is an essential element of interactive marketing. Warren prides himself on communicating productively to meet client needs and expectations and reach targeted goals.

A pleasing appearance is only half the project. Well-designed and aptly targeted applications should also be user-intuitive — easy to use, without requiring an instruction manual or tech support. Each task should require as little effort as possible.

Overseeing WCD productions, Warren works hard to make sure that user experiences are as pleasant and intuitive as possible.

Warren's Personal Testimony

Hello: I appreciate having the opportunity to tell you, first hand, a little about me and my company, and who motivated me to create this website.

As a graphic designer, web developer, and e-minister, I continue to enjoy building a powerful, growing, personal relationship with my Father. Daily, the moment I turn on my Macs, I ask the Holy Spirit what He'd like me to accomplish for Him. I've realized that our intimate relationship can develop only when I listen clearly and attentively to Him, collaborating interactively with Him during my workday.

I've learned this in my last eighteen years: No matter how good a creative artist or e-minster you are, you won't know how good you can be until you turn your work over to the Lord.

Sanctified Imagination — My Three Essential Elements

For an artistic creation to attract and inspire, I believe that there must first be innovation, imagination, and artistic expression. Second, art should be able to provide enjoyment and refreshment to those in a weary world; I'm privileged to be a believer who brings cheer and brightens others' days. Third, Christian artists have the freedom to share the good news in fresh and imaginative ways. We yearn most to communicate what has made the difference in our lives: the love of God in Christ. The Great Commission is not just for missionaries; it's for artists, too.

Whatever your creative endeavor, it's a joy to realize that our perfect God wants us to partner with Him, not only to present His message to the world but to help us become everything we were meant to become. Daily I enjoy my partnership with the Spirit.

Through creative artistry and writing, the Spirit bypasses my intellect and logic; He personally gets through to my heart in a profound imaginative way. Up until twenty-three years ago, I'd been slow to welcome artistic expressions of faith in my work, slow to fully utilize the gifts God has given me and expected me to use.

You may be the next person to leave a legacy that touches the world. It could happen by living out your decision to collaborate with God in what he wants you to do. You get there by learning to listen to Him.

Your destiny is to collaborate with God,
in the work He asks you to perform.
Your willful collaboration ushers
His kingdom into the world.

Don't worry about dreaming
big dreams; He has that handled.
Instead, commit to living purely and quietly,
listening for His voice every day;
see where He takes you.

When an artist uses his gifts to glorify the Lord, He brings a little bit of heaven to earth. Collaboration with God can be one of the most fulfilling experiences in the universe,
for you and for Him.