Ron Needs Nutrition and Prayers

Ron Perdue sent me the following timely update on his brother's battle with cancer, along with Ron's latest struggles as a result of concurrent cancer treatments of radiation and chemotherapy needed to fight throat and tongue cancer.

While he and his wife Maria continue to serve God as a Chapel-sponsored missionary in Istanbul, Turkey, they both are having a difficult time dealing with this latest chapter that the Lord has written for their lives. The throat and tongue cancer that challenges Ron is difficult to endure, as well as to treat. The paired treatments have prevented Ron from consuming food, causing excessive weight loss and weakness at a most critical time.

I'll attach Ron's personal post below. Please continue to pray daily for Gary, Ron, Maria, their children, and family members. Ask Jesus to be merciful and comforting to them all. Thank you.


Hi prayer warriors:

I'm sad to report that my older brother, Gary, for whom I requested prayer a number of months ago, is in the hospital. Down to 120 pounds and refusing a feeding tube, Gary was given only two days to two weeks to live. Please pray for him to "Cry out to Jesus, before it's too late!" He's refused to accept Jesus so far. He turns 75, tomorrow (Tuesday), the day after my birthday, and he's in lots of pain caused by colon cancer. I thank you for praying right now for my brother Gary.

Last week was a surprisingly good week for me, however, this weekend was bad. I now weigh 156 pounds (down from my normal 195 pounds) and my waist has shrunk from size 36 to 32. It's the extensive amount of mucus buildup that keeps my stomach upset, preventing me from wanting to eat and often causing me to gag.

Thankfully, my mental state is good. And only two more weeks of concurrent chemo and radiation treatment remain.    (  ;- )

Please pray for me to finish strong and for this process to bring complete healing. Pray for Maria, please, since she must now bear most of our burdens. We both covet your prayers; we can't thank you enough for your prayer care and support.

Love you all . . .


Scriptural backup

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. — 2 Timothy 1:7

See and download Warren's Scripture Picture of that encouraging passage.