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About Warren Camp and WCD


Marketing and Consulting

Photo Editing and Samples

Editing Basics
     Exposure Correction
     Focus and Contrast
     Color Correction
     Color Options
     Highlighting Key Elements

Special Techniques
     Black/White Conversion
     Repairing Undesirable Items
     Dramatic Effects
     Facial Cosmetic Makeovers
     Jigsaw Puzzles

Photo Builds
     Composites (Montages)
     Layouts and Storyboards
     Rubik's Cubes

Text on Photos
     Adding Text
     Next Year's Calendar
     Fonts and Styles
     Unique Adaptations

Special Effects on Images
     Warhol's Pop Art
     Page-Curl Technique
     Vintage Look
     Comic Book Look
     Popping Out of Frame
     Adding Reflection to Photos
     . . . to Brochures and Posters
     . . . to Newsletters and Websites
     Sketch Varieties
     Paint-by-Number and Pencil Sketch
     Watercolor and Pastel
     Sepia Toning

Special Effects on Backgrounds
     Texture Overlays
     Adding and Removing Items
     Changing Backgrounds

Borders and Frames
     Simple Borders
     Custom Borders
     Animated Borders

What sets WCD apart from other designers and marketers is a unique fusion of disciplines. Warren understands both the creative and technical aspects of website design, digital and print publishing, marketing, writing, copyediting, and more. His sites, documents, and productions are elegant, informative, and intuitive — an important combination in today's interactive market.