1. "The Seed (Jesus) and the Soil (You)"

Matthew 13:1–23

Seeds being sown

In this parable, Jesus tells us that there are two reasons He teaches in parables: To reveal and to conceal. To reveal truth to those who have accepted Him and to conceal truth from those who have rejected Him.
The principle applies to us today: If you respond positively to what light God has given you, then God will give you more light. But if you reject His light, you won’t get any more light. If you fail to step into the light that He's shone before you, no more will be offered. If you follow His light and obey the truth that you know, God will share more truth with you. If you don’t follow and obey, then why should God give you more?

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Paraphrased closing verses of the parable of

The Seed and the Soil

Matthew 13:1–23

"Listen carefully then, to what the parable of the seed and the soil means:

  • People who hear the good news of Jesus Christ but do not let it penetrate their hearts, allow the evil one to come and snatch it away. This is the seed that landed on the hard path.
  • The seed that fell on bedrock, having a shallow soil covering, is the man who hears the good news of Jesus Christ and immediately makes an emotional decision to embrace it. But since his commitment has no depth, it doesn't last very long. As soon as trouble or persecution comes along, his faith quickly disappears.
  • The seed that fell among the thorn bushes is the man who hears the good news of Jesus Christ but allows the worries of this life and the deceitful pleasure of wealth to take top priority and quench any spiritual life. Such a person bears no fruit at all.
  • But the seed that fell on good, fertile soil (is that you?) is the man who hears the good news of Jesus Christ and fully comprehends its implications. He is the man who produces a good crop of varying yields."

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