Our November Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings

—  Each of us thanks you, in advance, for your helpful prayers.  —

Dale introduces the family's first prayer request.


"Please pray that I’ll be able to make good spiritual conversations with individuals
I’ll meet with from our home group, as well as with international students.
Pray that this will lead to personal and spiritual growth for them and me."

Marti prays next.


"Pray that we can be instrumental in building community
on our street. People need connection."

Anna and David appreciate your prayers very much

Anna and David (and Miriam)

"Praise that we had a really fun weekend getaway in Portland,
while Miriam stayed with her grandparents. Please pray for Miriam:
She’s in a really rough sleep cycle, taking 1 to 2 hours to fall asleep every night.

“Also pray for David’s IT company: One of our biggest clients
will phase us out and hire a full-time, in-house employee."
— Anna

Andrew appreciates your prayers very much.

Andrew and Liz

"For Liz and me, here are our prayer/praise requests:
“Thank God that the election in Kenya was relatively smooth and we felt
very safe. There were no issues with voting where we’re staying now in Chogoria.

“Thank God that the hospital here is very nice and Liz is fitting in well
with the staff and other missionaries. There’s an excellent community here;
we feel very much apart of it, even though we’ve been here one week only.

“Pray that I’ll have safe travels to the coast to visit some of my Kenyan friends.

“Pray that Liz will have a fun time here in Chogoria while I’ll be at the coast for the next two weeks.
Thank you!"
— Andrew

Adah appreciates your prayers very much.

Adah and Cory

"Pray for Cory to finish strong the fall semester at seminary; he has only
four weeks left! Pray for us to be intentional with our neighbors. Now that
we’ve lived here for a while, we’re more comfortable but haven't been reaching
out as much. Pray for us to be able to share the gospel, despite language barriers."
— Adah

I, Cory, would appreciate prayer that we’d be faithful and bold in sharing the gospel
with our neighbors. I’ll meet with “M” again this afternoon and hope that
we can talk more about the gospel of Matthew."
— Cory

Thank you, again, for your helpful prayers.

They mean a lot to each of us.

Something happens when we pray;
Powers of evil lose their sway,
We gain strength, fear gives way,
Therefore, let us always pray.   — Anonymous

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