Our December Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings

—  Each of us thanks you, in advance, for your helpful prayers.  —

Dale introduces the family's first prayer request.


"Please pray that I’ll lift up Jesus during this Christmas season
and point Marti, our family, and others to Him."

Marti prays next.


"Thanks for praying for my writing. I’m motivated and going slowly,
so please continue to pray that I’ll honor God in all I write.
(One piece I just wrote is this month’s Web article.)”

Anna and David appreciate your prayers very much

Anna and David (and Miriam)

"Our business is having lots of turnover. Pray that we’ll get
new business that would be closer to our home.

“Thanks for praying for Miriam; she’s now getting to sleep more easily
at night. Also pray for a happy birthday for her, December 11."
— Anna

Andrew appreciates your prayers very much.

Andrew and Liz

"Thanks for praying for us while we were in Kenya.
Liz had a successful family practice medical rotation on Mt. Kenya
I worked remotely and saw some old friends. And we returned safely."
— Andrew

Adah appreciates your prayers very much.

Adah and Cory

"Praise God! Cory finished his fall semester at seminary.
Pray for continued relationships with neighbors and for wisdom
as we pursue future plans. Pray for us to know God's presence,
especially in the busy holiday season."
— Adah

Thank you, again, for your helpful prayers.

They mean a lot to each of us.

Something happens when we pray;
Powers of evil lose their sway,
We gain strength, fear gives way,
Therefore, let us always pray.   — Anonymous

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